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Nik P. Vermögen

    Nik P. Fortune :- Nik P (Nikolaus Presnik) was born on April 6, 1962 in Friesach, Carinthia, Austria. Nik P. is an Austrian schlager singer and composer who had a moderately successful regional career before breaking into 2007 with “Ein Stern (Der dein Namen carries your name)”, a duet with DJ tzi that lasted over a year in both Austria and Austria also charted in Germany, including 13 weeks at number one in both countries.

    Nik P. Live Albums and Net Worth Live Albums has an estimated net worth of $5.00 million from his work as a musician. Popularly known as the Austrian musician.

    He is considered one of the most successful musicians of all time. Being a successful Austrian musician comes with high net worth and a steady source of income.

    Nik P. Vermögen

    Nik P. Vermögen

    Nik P. and the Nockis are also on their way to Feldkirchen.

    The autumn/winter timetable was specified by Stadtmarketing Feldkirchen. Nik P., the Nockis, Ossi Huber, Smartie Joe and rapper P.Soul were among the artists who made the town hall tremble.

    According to Feldkirch marketing manager Andrea Pecile, they are back in action this year after a long break. On Wednesday, together with Erhard Blassnig, she presented various activities that will probably keep the town hall busy throughout autumn and winter. Events such as pop, hip hop and rock concerts, a prom, holiday movies, a carnival and the continuation of the city’s nightlife are all planned.

    Hip hop activism against racism

    On Tuesday, September 22nd, high school seniors still undecided about what to do next kicked off the new school year by attending a KickStart expo. Blassnig claims the event attracted over a thousand adults and children.

    P.Soul’s anti-racism hip hop era also caters to a younger demographic. Workshops, debates, dancing and general good times will fill the three days of October 12-14. University of Applied Sciences professor Katrin Feldermann is responsible for organizing the days. “She is a very dedicated professor in the field of social work and has received many applications,” beams Pecile.

    This October will rock

    Rock out this October at Stadtsaal, where “Rocktober” is the official theme. Italian rock band Black Ice AC/DC Tribute Band performs in Feldkirchen October 15. Pecile heard about the band while on vacation and convinced them to play. Local rock bands SuperGlueArt, Black Roses and Jam Trax perform on October 29th.

    Opening ceremony and singing competition

    On November 5th, students of the BRG Feldkirchen rented out the local community center. The Mamma Mia – ABBA what then? Prom will feature music from Major 7 and DJs from Lond, so be sure to register. The “Festival of Voices”, where the choirs are offered a platform on November 12, has become a tradition, as has the prom.

    Ossi Huber is another player who always starts the game. This will be his last appearance, because the Feldkirchner is going to the “Musikpension” on December 3rd. “He has a lot of followers here and will also read from his stories,” says Pecile. The Stadtsaal sizzles on Friday, December 16 with Smartie Joe’s performance.

    Nick P. went offline

    The city’s marketing department was inundated with questions about Nik P’s performance on December 1st. As part of his “Nik P. & Band unplugged” Christmas tour, the pop sensation is making a stop in Tieberlstadt. The visitor center in Feldkirchen is a good place to get a map.

    Holiday clubbing in the city

    Nik P. Vermögen

    Nik P. Vermögen


    From November 25th (winter shopping night) to December 24th, the people of Feldkirch can visit the Christmas show at any time. City Clubbing has published a special Christmas themed edition. “We were shocked by the success of the first City Clubbing event. If you look around, you can see that more needs to be done,” says Blassnig. Therefore, on December 23rd, the Stadtsaal will be transformed into a youth-friendly dance floor again.

    After the success of the first City Clubbing in August, Pecile is satisfied with the number of visitors. Everything was respectable, and the youngsters must have been relieved that something had really happened: “The lack of entertainment for the young population is a serious problem in Feldkirchen. In the future, clubbing will take place four times a year in every town.”

    On the eve of the new year, the Nockis celebrated a party.

    But young families are also in demand. Attendance at the annual Christmas Film Festival, which runs from December 27th to 29th this year, is consistently high. Despite the rising energy costs, explains Pecile, “we have retained the latest films and the entrance fee of seven euros.” 30.12. In the words of the Nockis, “on this day the city finally falls into New Year’s Eve with the Nockis”.

    Nik P. Uses a social networking site.

    Nik P., a musician born on April 6, 1962, is possibly the most prominent social media star in the world. Nik is an amazing celebrity influencer. He often posts numerous personal pictures and videos for his large following on social media sites to communicate with them. Personalize and interact with his fans. You can get information about his social media platforms by scrolling down.

    Career Highlights of Nik P

    Nick P. Fortune

    Nick P. Fortune

    Nik P. Has released 14 studio albums to date. Twelve of these albums made it into the Austrian album charts. Eight of those twelve made it into the top 10, with three even making it to the top. “A Star (that bears your name)” is without a doubt his most successful hit. With this song, the musician was able to lead the single charts in both Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, the song landed in second place. The song was number one in Germany for 108 weeks.

    The song is now the fourth longest-running single on the singles chart. There are currently over 30 covers of the singer’s original track. The song was voted one of the “most successful songs of the new century” by RTL’s “Ultimate Chart Show”. Nik P. Has been certified four times platinum in Germany. In Austria he won five gold and six platinum records. He received a gold record in Switzerland.

    Nick P Net Worth in 2022

    Nik P. net worth is estimated at £2million.

    Nikolaus Presnik’s rough upbringing was a formative experience. Deprivation and isolation had also hardened him a bit and allowed him to go his own way. He would not have dared to pursue a career in music if he had grown up in a wealthy and respected household.

    Nick P. Fortune

    Nick P. Fortune

    He believes it is important to become aware of the impermanence of all things. Nik P. Considers accountability a great virtue. It is crucial that you not only deal appropriately with yourself and others, but also with your own achievements.

    Warmth and tenderness are other important qualities for him that the individual must possess and should radiate to his loved ones. Especially in the digital age, these things are more important than ever.


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