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Birte Hanusrichter Familie

    Birte Hanusrichter was born on January 8, 1979 in Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. She is an actress and editor, known for Legend of Hell (2012), Wet Frogs (2010) and The Lost World (2015). Birte Hanusrichter, born January 8, 1979, comes from Hamm, Germany. As in 2022, Birte Hanusrichter is 43 years old. Below you can find more deets about Birte Hanusrichter.

    Birte Hanusrichter family
    Birte Hanusrichter family

    Personal information

    name: Birte Hanusrichter Real name: Birte Hanusrichter
    Profession(s): actress, editor, producer ,

    Birthday: January 8, 1979

    Age: 43 years
    Gender: Female

    Place of birth Hamm: Germany

    Hometown Hamm: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

    Eating habits Non-vegetarian

    Birte Hanusrichter family
    Birte Hanusrichter family

    Birte Hanusrichter Net Worth

    Birte Hanusrichter net worth is $9 million.

    The actress Birte Hanusrichter broke with her family’s tradition

    Many actors claim to have heard stage music from acting families since childhood . This is not the case with Birte Hanusrichter, who comes from Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. His family consists almost exclusively of educators, as Birte Hanusrichter’s father and mother are teachers, as are two of his grandparents. However, after completing her training, Birte Hanusrichter decided against a pedagogical career and saddled up.

    Studium an der Internationalen Filmschule in Köln eine Schauspielausbildung in München und New York, bevor sie in Kanada Kurse für Darstellende Kunst belegte. Bereits als Theaterstudentin übernahm Birte Hanusrichter erste Rollen und trat vor rund elf Jahren erstmals in der Komödienreihe „Pastewka“ auf.

    Birte Hanusrichter family
    Birte Hanusrichter Familie


    Kein Ehemann oder Kinder in seinem Leben

    In einem aktuellen Interview mit “Mopo” sprach Birte Hanusrichter auch über sein Privatleben. Laut ihnen lebt sie derzeit als alleinstehendes Mädchen und ist weder mit einer Freundin befreundet noch mit einem Ehemann verheiratet. Und was ist mit Birte Hanusrichter mit Kindern?

    The 39-year-old actress has to fit in there too, but what she doesn’t do can still be. If something happens, then I’m definitely not sad, there’s definitely someone I could imagine that would happen to, but it’s not concrete yet,” says the charming artist in a mysterious way.

    Birte Hanusrichter family
    Birte Hanusrichter family

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